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Hi Medium,

I am a Frontend Software Engineer at Centurylink (now Lumen Tech.). Although as a computer science student I learned C language as my first programming, I fell in love with Javascript (which actually was the 4th programming language that I learned) once I learned it.

I have been working with Javascript for 2+ years on either personal projects or enterprise-level projects. I was lucky enough to work on all three top players of frontend development — Vue, React & Angular. I find my growth in Javascript like a tree structure, where I might have started with a single node of some information but kept growing to the left — with framework level knowledge and to the right — with Javascript basics and under the hood related knowledge (oh yeah! DSA is love).

I have seen many youtube videos, and Instagram pages where people are sharing and discussing ongoing topics of Software Development, and lately I also have my point of view, comments, and unique information in the Frontend Software development field which I wish to share and discuss with the world. Keeping that in mind, I have started an Instagram page @shrikbiz.js discussing the basics, core concepts, and advanced concepts of Javascript and a Medium blog where I can discuss each or at least most of the topics discussed on the Instagram page.

What future looks like

In near future irrespective of my Instagram & Medium blog getting shared, liked, or read, I am planning to start a YouTube channel where I can discuss Frontend Development-related topics.

I have never tried teaching anyone, but if the response from users shows that I am a decent tutor, then I wish to start a tutorial on platforms like Udemy or Skillshare.

The ultimate goal: Probably every software developer guru will tell you that rather than becoming the jack of all trades and learning everything, you should become a master of one. Although Python and Java now seem to be very tempting and ‘Damn, I want to learn, its cool’ language, I want to become a master in Javascript & Frontend. So, my ultimate goal is to give a speech about TBD-frontend-related topic at a JS/TS/React/Vue conference.

a JS dream

Evidently, my dreams are big and the path is long. The best way for me to keep growing towards my ultimate goal is to keep working on my small goal, keep creating content, posting them, getting likes, learn from mistakes, and never stop.




Frontend Software Engineer at Lumen Tech.

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Shrikant Patel

Shrikant Patel

Frontend Software Engineer at Lumen Tech.

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